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At INDUSTRONIC, we take great pride in providing the highest level of service to each and every client. Service that can’t be beat: our clients prefer us because of our rapid response times, guaranteed quality, friendliness and accessibility.

Electrical Audits

At INDUSTRONIC, we have assembled a team of trained technicians and personnel, capable of taking all of the necessary measurements with a high degree of precision and reliability. We have also developed specialized computer equipment to carry out these types of measurements and studies. Our studies, which can last a week or more, are performed at the most crucial points in the electrical system of our client’s factory or building.

You can’t control what you can’t measure

An electrical audit is a comprehensive monitoring service in which the power supply is analyzed in order to determine any defects that may exist in your system. The cause of these defects is also determined, along with the effect they could have on your machinery and its correct performance.

Each point is monitored for a 24-hour period. The following are the most important of the 150 electrical parameters and events that can be recorded and measured:

  • Voltage between Lines
  • Voltage from Line to Neutral
  • Current per Phase
  • K Factor
  • Frequency
  • Ground Current
  • Power Factor per Phase
  • Peak Demand
  • Crest Factor per Phase
  • Demand
  • Voltage Imbalance per Phase
  • Total Power Factor, 3 Phases
  • Total Reactive Power, 3 Phases
  • Percentage of Harmonic Voltage Distortion
  • Percentage of Harmonic Current Distortion

The results and measurements are presented in written and graphic form, along with the data supporting the graphs. The report includes comments and recommendations based on these measurements, as well as our direct observations of the physical system, the equipment operations manuals and any additional information we have gathered from conversations with your personnel.

Design and Engineering

At INDUSTRONIC, we have an impressive track record when it comes to designing products, many of which have been so innovative that they have set new standards in the electrical regulation industry to such an extent that our own patented regulator design is used by nearly every manufacturer of electrical regulators.

At INDUSTRONIC, we have vast experience in the development and manufacture of new products, customized to address the specific needs of our clients. We manufacture all of these products in accordance with the highest standards of quality, including ISO-9001, NOM and ANSI regulations, among others.

Our Engineering Staff has the ability to develop:

  • Electrical System Layouts
  • Electronic Designs
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Transformer Designs
  • Mechanical Designs for Cabinets
  • Wiring Harness Designs

This engineering ensures the functionality and efficiency of your equipment.

The products we design and manufacture include:

  • Voltage Regulators and Power Conditioners
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Autotransformers
  • Voltage Spike Suppressors
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
  • Direct Current Power Supplies
  • Battery Chargers
  • Voltage Monitors
  • Bypass Transfer Switches

If you have a specialized application, please contact us so we can offer you a customized solution to fit your needs.


Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the best defense against equipment failure during peak production hours. Through preventive maintenance, INDUSTRONIC detects potential problems in advance, thus prolonging the life of your power conditioner, UPS or voltage regulator.

The INDUSTRONIC Maintenance Policy

When you sign up for our Industronic Maintenance Policy, you are guaranteeing the protection of your sensitive machinery and equipment by any product in our line. With our maintenance policy, you can feel safe assured that any equipment failure will be addressed immediately by our qualified technicians. The plan also includes preventive maintenance to ensure the optimum performance of your INDUSTRONIC equipment.

The INDUSTRONIC Maintenance Policy with Lifetime Warranty

Protection for your new equipment with any product in our line. With our lifetime maintenance policy, you have the security of knowing that any equipment failure will be addressed immediately by our qualified technicians, and you will be provided with new replacement equipment in the event of permanent damage.* The plan also includes preventive maintenance to ensure the optimum performance of your INDUSTRONIC equipment.

*Subject to the Formal Policy

Pre-/Post-Sale Consulting

At INDUSTRONIC, we provide you with free Technical Consultation services both before and after you make a purchase from us.

Our Technical Consultation service is the cornerstone of all of our company processes and activities. We work with our clients in every moment they become aware of a need to correct a power conditioning problem. We provide them with pre-sale technical support in order to define the equipment requirements and specifications under consideration and we offer them the equipment that is best suited to their requirements and needs. In this way, we ensure the success of their project.

The Technical Consultation we offer includes:

  • Technical training for sales reps (for our distributors)
  • Free training for your staff
  • Map of your electrical system
  • Technical Support via telephone, fax or email
  • On-site visits