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The Secretary of National Defense administers, organizes and trains the Mexican Army and Air Force that is deployed all across the country and has among its missions “To defend the integrity, independence and sovereignty of the nation,” with a vision capable of confronting external and internal threats that pose a risk to the realization and maintenance of the nation’s goals.

LOCATION: Toluca, State of Mexico
PRIMARY BUSINESS: Secretary of National Defense

They required backup power for a new piece of communications equipment from France for a satellite tracking system, which takes photographs of a square kilometer with a resolution of 2 mega pixels, encompassing the entire Republic of Mexico.

2 UPS OF 50 AND 80 KVA, 2 AMCR OF 60 AND 100 KVA, at the time of installation, this equipment was operating at only 40% capacity in anticipation of future needs.

In the communications area of Military Zone No. 28 in Toluca, state of Mexico.