Grupo Industronic

Power & Voltage Conditioners

In Industronic, we manufacture durable and reliable equipment, with high quality standards thanks to our ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • From 1 to 75 kVA
  • Business and commercial offices
  • Computer and Printing equipment
  • Educational institutions
  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Machine tools and numeric control machinery
  • Robust conditioner
  • Control and measurement automated systems
  • Motor and robot machinery
  • Industrial illumination and production lines
  • Wide screens
  • Sound and illumination systems
  • Building electrical systems
  • From 100 to 1,000 Kva
  • Measuring, control and automation systems
  • Engines, machines and/or robots
  • Industrial units and production lines
  • Stadiums and training facilities
  • Recreational parks and theme parks
  • Apartment or office buildings
  • De 1 y 2 kVA
  • Refrigeradores domésticos
  • Máquinas expendedoras
  • Enfriadores
  • Refrigeradores comerciales
  • Congeladores
  • Refrigeradores médicos
  • Talleres, almacenes y bodegas

We offer a wide range of power conditioners/voltage regulators for all uses and applications, providing durability and precision in demanding electrical environments.


The microcontroller power conditioners/voltage regulators of the AMCR Industrial series are designed to maintain a stable input voltage for loads of up to 1000 kVA (according to the equipment model) in spite of drastic changes in the line load, frequent high inrush currents or line imbalances. An ordinary regulator simply raises or lowers the input voltage if the line voltage is low or high, respectively, but the INDUSTRONIC AMCR models protect your equipment against voltage spikes from transients, short circuits, high-frequency noise and overloads, thanks to their power conditioner features.

Our equipment has a very low level of impedance and a highly efficient design, which means that it consumes a minimal amount of energy with no change in power factor and without adding any harmonic distortion to the line or changing the operating frequency. For all of these reasons, the ideal application of the AMCR 5300 Industrial models is in industry, controlling motors, machines, robots, measuring systems, control systems, automation systems, exterior lighting and entire buildings.