Grupo Industronic



10-year warranty on the AMCR series

None of our competitors in the national or international markets offer a guarantee like this. At INDUSTRONIC, we take pride in being the first and only company to such high reliability in the parts and workmanship of its products.


Technical and Commercial Certification

At INDUSTRONIC, we offer training to our Authorized Distributors’ technicians and sales personnel, either at our plant or at their facilities, which enables our Authorized Distributors to improve their sales strategies when it comes to INDUSTRONIC products, as well as their ability to make maintenance and repair estimates on INDUSTRONIC brand equipment. After taking the course, our clients increase their sales of Industronic products by an average of 42%.


ISO 9001:2008 and TÜV Quality

All of INDUSTRONIC’S administrative and production processes are backed by internationally renowned ISO certification. This stamp of quality is reflected in our operations, service and end products.


Competitive Pricing

Our strategy is to offer the most competitive prices in the market WITHOUT skimping on quality.


Service Life

The average lifespan of INDUSTRONIC equipment is 30 years. Thanks to materials of the highest quality, efficient operations that don’t generate heat and a durable design, wear and tear is kept to a minimum.


Available Inventory

At INDUSTRONIC, we keep most equipment models in stock all time, as well as an inventory of loaner equipment to be used in case of emergency (while the client’s equipment is being manufactured) so that the client is protected from Day One.


Research and Development

INDUSTRONIC avails of an R&D Department where our brand name products are created and designed all within the same facilities.


Market Presence

40 years in the market have earned us an impeccable reputation, and today INDUSTRONIC is synonymous of protection and quality.


Custom Equipment Design

We specialize in serving the special equipment market. We provide a quick turn-around time on special requirement equipment specifications and estimates at no cost to our clients.


24/7 Service

Our service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our emergency phone numbers can be found on our website:


Energy Savings

The aim of the recent redesign of our entire product line was to make energy savings the most important feature. The full line of INDUSTRONIC products now provides this benefit.


Quick and Easy Communication

We provide multiple channels of communication so our clients can contact us easily. We offer live chat, toll-free phone lines in Mexico, Skype for foreign clients and email with immediate reply. We frequently carry out remote training via videoconferencing.


Replacement Parts in Stock

At INDUSTRONIC, we keep a full supply of replacement parts in stock all time, which enables us to respond rapidly and efficiently in the event of an emergency. This is made possible by the fact that most of our subassemblies are manufactured in our own plant.



We live by our values of honesty and respect. It is our policy to respect our Authorized Distributors’ customers at all times in hopes of developing long-term relationships based on trust.