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INDUSTRONIC makes commitments to society in various ways and in various areas for improvement.

A Socially Responsible Company

INDUSTRONIC makes commitments to society in various ways and in various areas for improvement. The first way is with its own people. Our human resources policy includes provisions for hiring persons with disabilities. At INDUSTRONIC, we are proud to be able to rely on the valuable collaboration of a workforce in which more than 10% of the staff is comprised of persons with disabilities (which is far above the general average). We have had a very positive experience in this regard and consider our team to be excellent.


Our first commitment is to our people. Our human resources policy includes the option of hiring persons with disabilities. INDUSTRONIC is proud to rely on the valuable contributions of a workforce in which more than 10 percent of the employees are persons with disabilities (a percentage that’s much higher than the average). They have proven to be excellent additions to our staff, and our experience in this regard has been overwhelmingly positive.


At INDUSTRONIC, we protect the environment—not only in the manufacturing process, but also during the life of our products once they’re in use. Our production processes comply with the regulations established by the Secretary of Labor for toxic substance handling, as well as those related to workplace safety, in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of our personnel and the environment. All of our products are environmentally friendly, thanks to their small ecological footprint. They do not generate heat, they are energy-efficient, and they protect other electronic equipment from damage, thus reducing that equipment’s carbon footprint and the amount of toxic waste it releases into the environment. Ecology is the primary focus of our company and the current trend in the new generation of products bearing the INDUSTRONIC brand name.
In a nutshell, we don’t throw away any equipment components. Everything is recycled.


INDUSTRONIC is currently collaborating with 2 social programs with a direct support, either with economical support or social and face-to-face events.

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With the intention to tighten familiar bonds and support children with Down Sindrome, INDUSTRONIC has an agreement with FUNDEFAM Institution in order to perform social interest activities. This activities are extra-curricular, economic and social contributions.

¿How we help?

  • Computer donations to the institution.
  • Sponsor the children with new toys or in good shape during Christmas time and support them to provide the possibility to attend summer camp.
  • FUNDEFAM installation cleaning and maintenance with with INDUSTRONIC contributors (painting, cleaning, re-arrange).

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INDUSTRONIC understands the diffcult path for people with cancer that´s why we support children that suffer this desease to improve their quality of life and try to increase their survival possibility. Our activities are similar as the ones mentioned before, nevertheless for more contributions visit:

¿How we help?

  • We promote plastic packages, aluminium cans or (PET) candy wraps recycling. When visiting our plant you´ll see various containers with different colors in order to place these items. This activity helps us to promote recycling campaigns for this association. Each month we send full containers to them so they can exhange that for money and make payment for children´s treatment. “What is garbage for some, for others it´s life”

For further question please contact the Human Resources department: or email: