Grupo Industronic

Research and Development

Thanks to our involvement in every aspect of manufacturing the final product, we can consistently maintain quality control at each stage and reduce our response time to any possible problems.

Research and Development

At INDUSTRONIC, we have an R&D Department made up of a wide variety of specialized engineers devoted to addressing the various aspects of energy conditioning, regulation, saving and backup, as well as the specific requirements of each client and the current trends in the market. This has resulted in numerous patents on new products and improvements to existing ones.

Thanks to our involvement in every aspect of manufacturing the final product, we can consistently maintain quality control at each stage and reduce our response time to any possible problems.


Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Our Mechanical and Structural Design Team analyzes, compares and selects the most reliable raw materials and tools on the market for the design and manufacture of sturdy equipment that can withstand the test of time and maintain an attractive, professional appearance.

Electronic Engineering

Our Electronic Design Team evaluates our analog, digital and power technologies in order to discover effective and efficient ways of tackling the everyday electrical problems faced by our clients. Through information analysis and the implementation of diverse control strategies, the team creates the hardware and software that brings our INDUSTRONIC equipment to life.

Industrial and Process Engineering

Our Industrial and Process Engineering Team is in charge of the design and the logistical and managerial optimization of every production activity, with a focus on product quality, employee safety and customer satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency Research

The Energy Efficiency Research Team performs studies on our clients’ electrical systems and usage patterns in order to detect areas for improvement and create optimization plans.

Special Project Engineering

The Project Team is in charge of determining and reviewing the specific requirements of clients with special needs, whether these are defined by the client or discovered by us during our energy study. Based on this information, the team begins evaluating various solutions, applying the best option.

New Product Engineering and Design

Our New Product Engineers are in charge of researching new technologies and changes in the electronic industry and market in order to create new solutions with defined requirements and objectives. Additionally, they are in charge of developing these solutions from the planning, testing and change management phases all the way to their arrival on the production lines and their inclusion in the sales catalogues.

Facilities and Startups

The Facility and Startup Team advises and supports clients in the correct installation and commissioning of INDUSTRONIC products in their permanent locations by proposing solutions to any problems that come up at the time the products are put in service.

Testing Laboratory

At INDUSTRONIC, we have laboratories that are equipped for performing the activities that allow us to ensure the quality of the products offered in our catalogue, as well as those that are still under development. We rely on CAE (Computer Assisted Engineering) simulators to aid us in electrical, electronic, control, communications, mechanical assembly, welding and mechanical movement testing. We also have equipment that enables us to execute tests and measurements, gather information, perform statistical analyses, and obtain and compare results. All of our prototypes, new products, special products and catalogue products receive special attention from this department.

Research in the Use of New Technologies

The engineers at INDUSTRONIC constantly seek and investigate new technologies in the market in order to apply them in solving our clients’ specific problems. These new technologies may include anything from production methods and raw materials to internal components and control systems. In this way, INDUSTRONIC is constantly evolving.

We believe in our potential and quality as Mexicans, and along with our government and international organizations, we promote copyright protection. We show our support by purchasing only original, patented products!