Grupo Industronic




Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (Official Mexican Regulations)

The purpose of NOM is to standardize and evaluate how well the characteristics of products conform to their design, production and service specifications. INDUSTRONIC equipment has earned certification of compliance with Official Mexican Regulations. When they see the NOM logo, our clients can feel safe that the product they receive will operate in accordance with its specifications.


Asociación Nacional de Normalización y Certificación del Sector Eléctrico (National Association of Electrical Industry Standardization and Certification)

ANCE was created with the goal of providing support in evaluating compliance in electrical industry services, products and personnel. INDUSTRONIC equipment has earned ANCE electrical product certification for guaranteeing the safety of users and facilities.

Empresa Socialmente Responsable (Socially Responsible Company)

Our company promotes and motivates a culture of responsible competitiveness, with the goal of achieving success in business while contributing to the wellbeing of society at the same time. Through cross-sectoral alliances with other companies, civil society organizations, chambers, groups and the government, we focus on social matters that are of interest to the public, participating in discussions and proposals.


Hecho en México (Made in Mexico)

INDUSTRONIC displays the Made in Mexico logo because we are proud to be a Mexican company with our development and production headquarters in the national territory, specifically, in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.


ISO 9001:2008 (International Standardization Organization)

Having adopted ISO 9001:2008 Regulations for quality management systems, INDUSTRONIC’S development, implementation and improvement efforts are focused on our processes, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction in response to their requirements and ensuring excellent quality control.


TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) – (Technical Monitoring Association)

This international certifying organization of German origin, which is focused on consulting, testing, certification and training, endorses INDUSTRONIC’S quality management system.


EQA Mexico (European Quality Assurance, Mexico)

EQA is a quality management system certification organization of English origin, founded in 1993. The Mexican division, created in 2005, also endorses INDUSTRONIC’S quality management system.


CE (The European Community Mark)

INDUSTRONIC’S UPS units are certified for sale within the European Union, meaning that they can be legally sold and utilized without additional paperwork, prohibitions, restrictions or hindrances.


UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)

UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions from the public adoption of electricity to new breakthroughs in sustainability, renewable energy and nanotechnology.